What is your color ?

A lot of anglers would say that lure color is designed to catch the fishermen and not fish, and in some respect that would be a correct statement. At the same time it is a very important link in being able to catch fish on a consistent basis. There are other factors outside of color... Continue Reading →

Master Key to Catching Fish

Confidence: The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something. That is the supreme key to catching any fish with a rod and reel. Yes, there are times that all the cards are dealt to you and you end up with a royal flush, but at the end of the day the... Continue Reading →

Aqua Dream 7’6” Med Light Review

I recently purchased and extensively tested the Fitzgerald Aqua Dream 7’6” Medium Light. Upon choosing this particular rod I was kind of hesitant because of the overall length, I was worried about it being too heavy for working light jig heads all day. I purposely wanted a longer rod to get a little extra distance... Continue Reading →

Grass Shrimp and Their Benefits

These little shrimps play a huge role in the food chain of our ecosystem breaking down the energy of decaying matter. Not just here in our estuary but all throughout the eastern coastal areas of the country. Most people don’t realize that they are even there because they are very small and transparent which makes... Continue Reading →

Frustrating Mistakes

This is one of the harder blogs to write. Not actual physical pain, but the pain that your ego feels when you come off of a tournament win on a body of water that you have never fished before, and then end up zeroing in your next tournament on your home waters. That is why... Continue Reading →

IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Port Aransas

This is the tournament that I have always wanted to fish since I made the decision to tournament fish. This is a catch, photo, and release style kayak tournament where the angler catches their fish, places it on the uniform measuring device provided by the IFA, and snaps a photo. The photos are then turned... Continue Reading →

J.R Wagner Benefit Trout Tournament

  First and foremost, I would like to relay my condolences to the Wagner family, and thank the Reel Hard Saltwater fishing team and volunteers for putting together such a great event. It was awesome seeing all the comradery that the Galveston area fishing community really has for one and another. The turnout for the... Continue Reading →

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