What is your color ?

A lot of anglers would say that lure color is designed to catch the fishermen and not fish, and in some respect that would be a correct statement. At the same time it is a very important link in being able to catch fish on a consistent basis. There are other factors outside of color selection that play into catching fish, but at the end of the day they have to see it to eat it.

When starting to choose what color you want to use start with the confidence in the color, because at the end of the day if you do not have confidence in the lure you decide to throw then you will not fish the lure to it’s full potential.  When starting to choose the color I will take a look at three different variables, starting with water color.

From the time I hit the water I am observing the water to gain a perspective on tidal flow, water depth, and anything that will point me in the direction of hungry fish. If the water is on the dirty side I will typically start out with darker colors like the wedge tail black and chartreus and fish them slowly to give the fish a better chance of tracking the lure down.

As the water begins to clear up a bit I will stay with the darker colors but will move to a color that has a bit more contrast to it instead of being one solid color. Two tone lures like Egret Baits Madi Gras color is great for this water situation. As the water begins to clean up even more I will move to more naturel colors.

Texas Tackle Factory makes some great naturel color baits. One of my favorites is the killer minnow in brown chartreus with black flake, the black flake in the lure seems to keep the darker profile but still gives off the natural brown look. There are many other baits that are great for this particular scenario these are just the ones that I use on a regular basis and have the most confidence in.

As the water moves from the Emerald green  color that we all love to see and turns to gin clear like it is most of the winter time here on the upper coast I lean more towards the natural color patterns and patterns like chicken on the chain. Some of the best patterns I have seen are the VUDU shrimp series.

Just remember there are no hard fast rules when fishing, do what you are confident with and what catches fish for you. Most tackle on the market has been tested in the field and will catch fish, now just go out and find the one that catches the fish for you. Till the next one tight lines and smooth drag.DCIM100GOPROG0010408.

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