Master Key to Catching Fish

Confidence: The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something. That is the supreme key to catching any fish with a rod and reel. Yes, there are times that all the cards are dealt to you and you end up with a royal flush, but at the end of the day the ultimate decider of how your day turned out comes down to this one little ten letter word. Even if you have never been to an area or thrown a certain bait, without the confidence to keep fishing you would end the day with a zero and be convinced that there are no fish and that the lure wasn’t working right etc.
It takes time to build it up within yourself as well, even the best has had fruitless fishing trips before. As an angler you should never leave the ramp without it because it is the one lure that will catch any fish in any environment in any type of water. In the following paragraphs I will give you a perfect example of having confidence on the water and how it can pay off for you on your next fishing trip.
I decided to venture into the bass fishing tournament world and see how I stacked up against other anglers on the water and entered the FLW BFL tournaments. Note: I have not bass fished in well over four years and have not even been on a body of fresh water in a boat for well over that. So, starting off, all the tackle that is out there now will absolutely over whelm you and make you think that you’re going to have to sell your house to be able to fish. Over the three months I had to prepare for the tournaments I purchased enough tackle to get me a solid start.
I started with lake research to see what the most prominent baits were that other people throw on that particular body of water. After doing my research and purchasing my tackle I sought out the closest body of fresh water that I could find just to see if I was still able to even catch a bass. With a few successful trips under my belt I had the confidence that I could actually catch a bass. Then the research that I did before purchasing my lures also instilled a bit of confidence in me as well.
Before arriving at the lake that the tournament was to be held at I decided that I would pre-fish a bit from the kayak just to build a little confidence on the lake and with the equipment that I had purchased. During the pre-fishing that I did I caught two fish in two days, needless to say the ol’ confidence took a bit of a hit. Never the less, I was in the tournament and there to compete. I met my boater that night and verified the type of fishing that we would be doing. He said that we would be fishing shallow with some deep mixed in.
So, I decided on the lures that I would tie on the night before and rigged my rods with them. I chose to tie on a certain lure that I had never thrown in my life, it had never left the tackle box since placed there. Starting the morning of the tournament, I decided to go with said lure right off the bat given the particular situations we were fishing. The third cast that I threw that morning landed me a four-pound fish that was critical to my stringer that day. After landing the fish I instantly had the confidence to fish that particular lure in that situation all day long. It paid dividends in the end as I placed eleventh out of over a hundred-boat field with just that one lure.
Just remember, it is not all about having a particular lure or fishing a particular way, it’s just about one thing and one thing only, having confidence in the equipment you use and the methods you use them in. That is ultimately what will catch you the most fish at the end of the day. Till next time, tight lines and smooth drag.

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