Aqua Dream 7’6” Med Light Review

I recently purchased and extensively tested the Fitzgerald Aqua Dream 7’6” Medium Light. Upon choosing this particular rod I was kind of hesitant because of the overall length, I was worried about it being too heavy for working light jig heads all day. I purposely wanted a longer rod to get a little extra distance in my cast from a kayak. When I received the rod in the mail I was pleasantly surprised with the weight. I have fished multiple tournament days with this rod paired with a Penn Battle 2 3000 series without any fatigue and not missing a strike.Rod

The new microwave guides come with duralight rings allow for extra-long casts. Instead of the line coming off the spool in a big loop these microwave guides narrow it down to allow for the line to come off the spool smoother with less friction and travel through the guides and ultimately result in longer casts. All eight guides, including the tip, are saltwater approved. All the eyes are attached with great workmanship to a proprietary Fitzgerald fishing blank with superb workmanship.MicroWave Guide Cone of Flight HD[1]


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The butt section is made up of part high quality cork and Eva foam. The reel seat is made of high quality graphite for extra durability and strength. The placing of the handle perfectly balances out the rod for ease of working the lure and less fatigue. With the handle length being fifteen inches, it allows for the angler to keep pressure on the fish, and at the same time is not too long and cumbersome while fishing and storing.ROD 2

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With the fast taper, the longer length, stronger backbone, and light weight of this rod, you can’t beat the price at only 179.99. It’s the best price to quality ratio that I have been able to find on the market. Fitzgerald rods also offers to replace the rod if it breaks within the first thirty days due to a defect, and if the rod breaks after the first sixty days due to a defect it only cost sixty dollars. Read any more details about warranties and pricing at Have a great day, tight lines and smooth drag.DCIM100GOPROG0020312.

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